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My photos
My brother Jim and my son David
     Mother with brother Dimitri               My mother 1929               Mothers house in Trnaa         
My Grandfather Foto and Grandmother Ristana with my mother holding the baby, in the village of Trnaa  renamed by the Greek authorities to Prasino.

My Family
My father Philip and mother Mara,  i am the baby with brother Naso and sister Tsila, I also have a younger sister and brother.

My brother Peter to the right, with our cousin Vasil in Zhelevo celebrating Easter, the girl unknown.

My mother with my brother Dimitri at the wedding of my cousin Vasil Ketka Trnaa 1957.

My nephew Steven from Zhelevo, a nice fellow indeed, an original.

My father with relatives in Zhelevo

My sister Jana with white top sitting with begalchinia at Bela Crkva

My uncle Vangel with his wife from the village of Trnaa 1955.

My cousin Naso from Trnaa with my sister Tsila and my uncle Nick Papa from Trnaa with his wife,my uncle died at the age of 55 from heart attack,he was a heavy smoker like my younger brother Dimitri.

Brother Dimitri                               Brother Naso                              Sister Tsila